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  • The Challenge of Old School Gaming
    The Challenge
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    To this day I still dread playing the original Megaman Series on the NES. Not because the games were bad, far from it. The games were amazing! It was the challenge that got to me. Those were some of the toughest games I had played at the time when I was a kid.

  • 20140224-140644.jpg
    Infinite Stratos Review
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    Infinite stratos series review Ok so… first episode already within the first five minutes I’ve realized that this is one of those harem anime shows. You know the type, where one socially awkward male is put into precarious situations with a revolving cast of really beautiful buxom women with really bipolar hot-cold personalities. Yep, that’s […]

  • Katuscon_021514_Roberto_Blake_DSC_6639
    Cosplay Photography Gear for Beginners
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    If you are planning to start doing serious Cosplay Photography but don’t know what equipment you should have this list should help you. I will explain each item in the list in detail in this article and why you need or should have it.

  • Sora no Otoshimono Forte - 11 - Snapshot 14
    5 Great Anime Series Currently on Netflix
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    Heaven’s Lost Property If you were a fan of Ah My Goddess, but wished it had a little more action, then this show is a dream come true. Tomoki, a lecherous teenage boy finds himself with a harem full of Angels/Angeloids that can’t seem to decided whether they’d rather kiss him or kill him. Hilarious […]

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