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  • Lost in translation!
    Funny choice of clothing!
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    In a funny display Ai Takahashi (高橋 愛 Takahashi Ai) was doing a few things a idol does. Shopping, hanging out with friends, and engaging the media just to name a few. Average day in the life as a former Morning Musume singer. While doing all of this fun stuff a very large fashion faux pas seems to come to light! […]

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    Gantz Review
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    Gantz is a science fiction seinen with undertones of theology and philosophy that meld together to form a wildly absurd, and action packed book. The main characters Kurono & Katou are childhood friends whose paths cross fatefully in a subway after years of estrangement. The two pals boldly attempt to save a homeless man from […]

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    New X-Men #27
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    New X-Men # 27 Review The current All-New X-Men storyline offers readers their first glimpse of the future Brotherhood of Mutants from Battle of the Atom since that crossover ended.( X-Men: No More Humans TPB not withstanding) I can’t see reason as to why Marvel would continue to push the story line further considering how […]

  • 20140507-230631.jpg
    Latest Character Tier Listing
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    Its come to the attention of folk at the Arsenal that Enterbrain recently published its latest guide. ARCADIA Fighting Game REMIX. Within its contents are system and character tier listings for the latest arcade titles. Included within are also interviews with players, and game creators. So who are the top tier fighting characters according to […]

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