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    Moon Knight Writer Moving On
    Posted in: News

    With a heavy heart the Arsenal has just found out that Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey will be ending their run on the highly acclaimed Moon Knight series after just six issues. This comes as a very disappointing bit of news as this iteration of Moon Knight has proven to be among the best Marvel’s […]

  • psy_snoopdogg
    The Crossover! (Why PSY?)
    Posted in: News, PV & Music

    I happen to be a very big fan of J&K-pop (for those who didn’t already know). With that I never lost my love in my American music. As a result I always drempt of the day where Japanese or Korean music would get regular play on TV and radio here in the states. I always […]

  • E3-logo
    What Matters: is E3 still needed?
    Posted in: Editorial, Gaming

    I originally planned this piece to discuss the things that would be coming out of E3 and in reality that got boring quick. If you want to know that kind of stuff I recommend checking out some of the bigger gaming news sites. Thinking about E3 did bring about a thought that I felt I […]

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