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    Star Ocean 5?!!!
    Posted in: Gaming, News

    JRPG fans of the elusive and wildly popular Star Ocean series can finally rejoice.  In a recent Famitsu round table discussion, producer Shuichi Kobayashi explained his plans for digital world domination. For this next installment he mentioned how imperative it was to get heavy hitters: Yoshiharu Gotanda & Hiroshi Ogawa, whom created Star Ocean, and […]

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    The Great Anime Binge of Spring Break 2015
    Posted in: Anime, News

    So it’s spring break for a lot of you. But its not all red cups and alcohol poisoning for me. I’ve got tons of anime to watch. So here are my top 7 picks for stuff… I have not seen.  Grab your bikini bottoms and let’s head straight to the tub to watch some anime […]

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    Pocket Monsters of the Undead
    Posted in: Anime, Fan Art, Gaming, News

    I always thought the concept of Pokemon would’ve been better as something darker and mature. Seems like others around the world shared my opinion, and took the initiative to create an artistic representation of what Pokemon would look when shown through the lens of the macabre. Above and beneath are renditions of Pikachu & Weezing. […]

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    En Sabah Nur Cast!!!
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    En Sabah Nur Cast!!!! This just in from the good folks up at Variety. Apparently Oscar Isaac best known for his role as an extremely talented but unsuccessful folk singer in the Coen Bros written/directed “Inside llewyn Davis.” The Cuban-Guatemalan actor has been in a number of different films to date, mostly in supporting roles […]

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    Guardians of The Galaxy Review
    Posted in: Film, Reviews

    Guardians of the galaxy is the type of fun science fiction that has been missing for quite a while. It is a film that doesn’t spend a lot of time explaining itself, but rather builds through sheer action and visual storytelling. The soundtrack is an amazing homage to the past with 80’s power ballads. Then […]

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    Moon Knight Writer Moving On
    Posted in: News

    With a heavy heart the Arsenal has just found out that Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey will be ending their run on the highly acclaimed Moon Knight series after just six issues. This comes as a very disappointing bit of news as this iteration of Moon Knight has proven to be among the best Marvel’s […]

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    Gantz Review
    Posted in: Reviews

    Gantz is a science fiction seinen with undertones of theology and philosophy that meld together to form a wildly absurd, and action packed book. The main characters Kurono & Katou are childhood friends whose paths cross fatefully in a subway after years of estrangement. The two pals boldly attempt to save a homeless man from […]

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    New X-Men #27
    Posted in: Reviews

    New X-Men # 27 Review The current All-New X-Men storyline offers readers their first glimpse of the future Brotherhood of Mutants from Battle of the Atom since that crossover ended.( X-Men: No More Humans TPB not withstanding) I can’t see reason as to why Marvel would continue to push the story line further considering how […]

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    Latest Character Tier Listing
    Posted in: Gaming, News, Uncategorized

    Its come to the attention of folk at the Arsenal that Enterbrain recently published its latest guide. ARCADIA Fighting Game REMIX. Within its contents are system and character tier listings for the latest arcade titles. Included within are also interviews with players, and game creators. So who are the top tier fighting characters according to […]

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    Digital Release for Suikoden II in the Horizon
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    An Esrb rating for suikoden 2 was found earlier this month for a potential digital release. Suikoden 2 originally came out in 1999 beneath the shadow of Final Fantasy 8. It was released as a limited print item and has since then become increasingly rare to find. It is so rare in fact that a […]

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