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  • psy_snoopdogg
    The Crossover! (Why PSY?)
    Posted in: News, PV & Music

    I happen to be a very big fan of J&K-pop (for those who didn’t already know). With that I never lost my love in my American music. As a result I always drempt of the day where Japanese or Korean music would get regular play on TV and radio here in the states. I always […]

  • Lost in translation!
    Funny choice of clothing!
    Posted in: News

    In a funny display Ai Takahashi (高橋 愛 Takahashi Ai) was doing a few things a idol does. Shopping, hanging out with friends, and engaging the media just to name a few. Average day in the life as a former Morning Musume singer. While doing all of this fun stuff a very large fashion faux pas seems to come to light! […]

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