• Fate Stay Nite 2014 Remake
    Anime Poll: Which Route Will the Fate Stay Nite 2014 Remake Take?
    Posted in: Anime, Polls

    The announcement of a Remake of Fate Stay Nite this year has fans wondering, “What story route will the new series take”? We know that in the canon of the original game that there are 3 Routes with multiple endings. The original anime series Fate Stay Nite explored the “Fate Route” and the theatrical film […]

  • KillLaKill
    Anime Poll: Best Anime of 2013
    Posted in: Anime, Polls

    There were so many great Anime to come out in 2013. We really feel like it is the beginning of the great revival of Anime we’ve all been hoping for. There were a ton of original shows with great visuals, stunning sound and stories that really reached us like Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan […]

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