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    New X-Men #27
    Posted in: Reviews

    New X-Men # 27 Review The current All-New X-Men storyline offers readers their first glimpse of the future Brotherhood of Mutants from Battle of the Atom since that crossover ended.( X-Men: No More Humans TPB not withstanding) I can’t see reason as to why Marvel would continue to push the story line further considering how […]

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    Infinite Stratos Review
    Posted in: Anime, Reviews

    Infinite stratos series review Ok so… first episode already within the first five minutes I’ve realized that this is one of those harem anime shows. You know the type, where one socially awkward male is put into precarious situations with a revolving cast of really beautiful buxom women with really bipolar hot-cold personalities. Yep, that’s […]

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    Ninja Scroll
    Posted in: Anime, Reviews

    Ninja Scroll Released in 1993 this anime classic features over the top fantasy action set in an Edo era Japan. it follows a series of unfortunate events that happen to an unsuspecting and wandering swordsman by the name of Kibagami Jubei, an homage to Japanese folk hero Yagyu Jubei. The events are mostly backdrop setting […]

  • valvrave-episode-12-review
    Valvrave Episode 12 Review
    Posted in: Reviews

    All manner of craziness happened in the season finale of Valvrave. If you have not seen episode 12 of Valvrave the Liberator, then this review of Valvrave episode 12 contains MASSIVE SPOILERS! You’ve been warned. Please watch Valvrave Episode 12 before reading more. As  I said earlier, all manner of craziness ensued in this episode. […]

  • Valvrave Episode 10 review
    Valvrave Episode 10 Review
    Posted in: New Series, Reviews

    Valvrave the Liberator episode 10 could be described as intense, at least the first and ending portion of the episode. The middle portions of the episode had more to do with establishing the situation within Module77. This episode explains quite a few things a moves the plot along and isn’t boring despite the lack of […]

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