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    Latest Character Tier Listing
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    Its come to the attention of folk at the Arsenal that Enterbrain recently published its latest guide. ARCADIA Fighting Game REMIX. Within its contents are system and character tier listings for the latest arcade titles. Included within are also interviews with players, and game creators. So who are the top tier fighting characters according to […]

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    Digital Release for Suikoden II in the Horizon
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    An Esrb rating for suikoden 2 was found earlier this month for a potential digital release. Suikoden 2 originally came out in 1999 beneath the shadow of Final Fantasy 8. It was released as a limited print item and has since then become increasingly rare to find. It is so rare in fact that a […]

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    Open Letter to Fighting Game Developers
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    The letter below is one I wrote specifically to the video game developers at Namco. The idea was to start a dialogue about some of the characters in the Tekken series. In addition, I wanted to bring a critical eye to fact and fiction regarding the martial arts and their handling within the video game […]

  • The Challenge of Old School Gaming
    The Challenge
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    To this day I still dread playing the original Megaman Series on the NES. Not because the games were bad, far from it. The games were amazing! It was the challenge that got to me. Those were some of the toughest games I had played at the time when I was a kid.

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    Winter Guide to Anime
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    We here at the Arsenal have finally come to that time of year when all the fall showings of anime have either ended or are close to ending. This wonderful transitional phase is of paramount importance as fans clamor to find an anime that will speak to them on some level. But with close to […]

  • Tokyo Game Show 2013
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    Tokyo Game Show 2013 I was very lucky and fortunate to be able to attend this past weekend the Tokyo Game Show 2013 or also known as just TGS. I felt just like a kid again imagine it was it was your first con event and your all excited and not knowing what to expect […]

  • AMV Street Fighter The Thing I Hate
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    Street Fighter AMV for the song The Thing I Hate. This is an older video but no less awesome, this video has amazing sync, timing, action sequences transitions, its nearly flawless! Check it out.

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