Digital Release for Suikoden II in the Horizon


An Esrb rating for suikoden 2 was found earlier this month for a potential digital release. Suikoden 2 originally came out in 1999 beneath the shadow of Final Fantasy 8. It was released as a limited print item and has since then become increasingly rare to find. It is so rare in fact that a physical copy of the Playstation game could go for as low as 180.00 $ used. So with that in mind, for those of you who have missed this gem of an rpg, a reasonably priced digital copy is well underway. We here at the Arsenal highly recommend it.

For fans of the Suikoden series here are a couple of reasons why the series should be revived.

1) luca blight was right and totally justified when he decided he was
going to kill everyone related
To The Jowston city states rebellion.

2) to see the true ending of what happened to Jowy and Riou.

3) another crack at trading and manipulating the world’s economy

4) building your own Castle, and participating in a myriad of mini games.

5) raising an army by recruiting 108 different characters

6) unrivaled political intrigue.

20140430 103055 Digital Release for Suikoden II in the Horizon

Again, If you’ve never played the Suikoden series, now is the time to hit the ground for this reasonably priced and highly sought after classic. Don’t act like you didn’t hear it from the Arsenal first. Out!

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