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In comics we often see popular characters die or killed off only to see them return in spectacular fashion. Death is never final and dragon ball Z is no different; with the recent release of the Dragon ball “F” movie, fan favorite villain  Frieza and  dipped in gold no less has come back to exact his revenge on the Z-Warriors. 

 IMG 2010 Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F Thoughts 

Toriyama is no stranger to bringing the diabolical alien in for narrative purposes, as he was brought in to establish a base level of strength for future trunks during the android arc. He also made an appearance in DBZ’s version of hell, where he waited impatiently for a chance to even the score against the apes who would become the bane of his eternal undead existence. 

How will Goku and the z-warriors handle this new existential threat, especially considering that Frieza has his entire space armada with him this time.

 IMG 2020 Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F Thoughts 

There has always been a disparaging view point of marginality with the z-warriors in terms of sheer level in power. Take for instance the Saiyans, who outclass generally all human beings, and aliens who aren’t considered marquee such as; Cell, Buu(s), etc. Fans have always loved the lesser Z-Warriors, and yet we never get to see them improve as fighters. They are always perpetually stuck in tropes that have made Manga extremely popular the world over. So here’s to perhaps seeing situations involving the underdog gang of DBZ.

 IMG 2012 Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F Thoughts 

Seriously though?! Who cares about the Saiyans, when are we gonna see Krillin go Human God!

 IMG 2013 Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F Thoughts 

 Well that’s enough words take a look at the links below and enjoy arsenal faithfulls. Links to the trailers can be found below 



 Trailer 3

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