En Sabah Nur Cast!!!


En Sabah Nur Cast!!!!

This just in from the good folks up at Variety. Apparently Oscar Isaac best known for his role as an extremely talented but unsuccessful folk singer in the Coen Bros written/directed “Inside llewyn Davis.” The Cuban-Guatemalan actor has been in a number of different films to date, mostly in supporting roles which include: The Che Guevara Biopic titled “Che,” as well as,”Sucker Punch,” and “Drive.”

IMG 3975 En Sabah Nur Cast!!!

2014 Marks a substantial increase in the Latino actor’s high profile work as he was announced to be a cast member in the upcoming,”Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens slated to hit theaters in 2015.

IMG 3969 En Sabah Nur Cast!!!

“X-Men: Apocalypse,” on the other hand, will have Isaac playing a character with some pretty cool, and not so subtle ties to the rest of The Marvel universe. Given the character’s rich background it could be anyone’s guess just what direction Fox is going to take with the Darwinian motto based mutant. One can only hope that the time traveling villain Kang the conqueror of Fantastic Four renown, comes through and sets up En Sabah Nur as the Revolutionary turned world dominating ruler he was meant to always be. Arsenal out!

IMG 3971 En Sabah Nur Cast!!!

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