Funny choice of clothing!

Lost in translation!

In a funny display Ai Takahashi (高橋 愛 Takahashi Ai) was doing a few things a idol does. Shopping, hanging out with friends, and engaging the media just to name a few. Average day in the life as a former Morning Musume singer. While doing all of this fun stuff a very large fashion faux pas seems to come to light!


Even went as far as to post this image on her blog! Takahashi Ai Blog


I guess no one told the idol of the very bad choice in words she was wearing. I guess Amreicans are not the only ones to wear foreign statements and not know what it means. Let this be a lesson to us all. If you don’t understand it don’t wear it.


But I have to admit in this case it’s HILARIOUS!! Just look at how cute and happy she seems hahaha. LOLZ 4 DAYZ!


Windigo out!

 Funny choice of clothing! About Windigo

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