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Guardians of the galaxy is the type of fun science fiction that has been missing for quite a while. It is a film that doesn’t spend a lot of time explaining itself, but rather builds through sheer action and visual storytelling. The soundtrack is an amazing homage to the past with 80’s power ballads. Then there are the subtle nuances to the flippant and weird, that give the film frequent moments of hilarity.

As for the main attraction, Chris Pratt plays the abducted human turned space wayfarer Star Lord.
Pratt in arguably one of the most definable roles of his career, comes off with a womanizing swagger that oozes arrogance. He’s the kind of character that is equal parts funny but also ready to kick some teeth in at a moments notice. Then there is Zoe Saldana as the femme fatale Gamora. The perfect foil for Starlord and his reservoir of quips and one liners.

Then of course there is Rocket Raccoon played by Bradley Cooper. Rocket seems to have mastered the subtle art of sarcasm, and lays it on thick to arguably become one of the favorites of the movie for sure.

Vin Diesel and Dave Bautista play Groot and Drax respectively. Vin with not much more than three words of dialogue brings warmth and life to the crew, while Bautista shows off some comedic chops with some with some unforeseen timing and well placed wit.

Nonetheless the villains on Guardians are worthy enough as antagonists. The designs themselves are what stand out to make these characters memorable. You’ve got Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser, and Karen Gillen as Nebula. These two are down right sinister and ruthless enough, but with the party happening where the good guys are, it’s almost as if the film has more interest in telling what’s going on with the Guardians.

This film plot wise does exactly what every fan boy initially thought it was going to do, and that is set up a skeletal frame work for some potentially cool stuff to happen. Gun definitely took the correct route for such an eccentric movie, and even goes as far as playing to those eccentricities. It is a film for that, definitely for the better taps into that primal source that makes going to the theater and watching films such an enjoyable experience.

Arsenal gives Guardians of the Galaxy a 9/10

+ridiculously hilarious
+I dub Pratt Solo-Kirk
+Rocket Racoon!!!
+Phenomenal retro soundtrack

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