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Infinite stratos series review

Ok so… first episode already within the first five minutes I’ve realized that this is one of those harem anime shows. You know the type, where one socially awkward male is put into precarious situations with a revolving cast of really beautiful buxom women with really bipolar hot-cold personalities. Yep, that’s the type.

Anyway, the main character just happens to be the only male in the world who can control a mech called an I.S. There’s a lot of exposition here. But the basic premise is that Ichika is sent to an all girl boarding school for pilots of a mechanized power suit called an I.S. You find out that his sister is an ace pilot for the I.S. mechs and also his home room teacher. Throughout the course of the anime Ichika is surrounded by a troupe of gals who are consistently fighting each other for Ichika’s attention. They include: childhood pal Houki (hot kendo practitioner) other childhood friend Rin, (hot Chinese girl) Cecilia, ( Sexy British lady) Charles, ( Im not a guy not yet a woman sexy?) and Laura. ( Weird/Strange sexy German gal)

These kinds of anime are full of fan service. An this one is anything if not a little gratuitous with its international cast of hot girls. I’m not complaining though, I mean who really would; if your school teacher was all cleavage when she bent over to help with an assignment? Or how about finding out that you’re the only male who gets to share a dorm room with a bunch of half naked females. Did I mention that the entire cast wants you on some level??? Of course I didn’t. It’s any man’s dream come to life *cough* animation.

So that being said, let’s just say that this series doesn’t take itself seriously, and with good reason. The main cast of women go berserk any time someone else tries to sink their claws into ichika. It’s such a common thing in all the episodes that truth be told the plot becomes transparent. The show episodically devolves into a series of awkward situational comedy with the occasional mech duels, and the almost masochist-like beatings of Ichika. This can be a bad thing for anime fans that look for substance in the shows that they watch. You won’t find much of that. Case in point, a small gripe of mine was that in all of the episodes released thus far, not a single mention as to how
Ichika is the only male who can use the power suit is explained.

All in all this series has very little to no plot and only serves as a vehicle for the absurd and the over the top. The romantic subplots make it a little difficult to determine which coupling for Ichika would be the best. But I suppose it’s more about quantity than it is quality. Besides, if it can’t be a sane relationship with just one girl who is a 9-10, why not get with five 2’s instead?

So rating Infinite Stratos season 1??? I give it a 7/10. For its comedy/fan service + its brilliant portrayal of bipolar women who probably should be hospitalized rather than allowed to pilot deadly weapons.( and the man who loves them)

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