Namie Amuro Heaven Music Video Preview


Namie this year has been doing big things. Like teaming up with TLC she doesn’t look like she is going to be slowing down anytime soon. I came a cross one of her newest videos called Heaven and just had to share the preview.

For some background on Namie Amuro check out her wikipedia entry. For the short version keep reading. Namie Amuro is Japanese artist and the “Queen of Japanese Pop and Hip Hop”. She has managed to go beyond borders and boundaries with her music and fashion style and is very popular internationally and not just to fans of anime for whom her music is included as part of the soundtrack (popular examples being Inyuyasha, Pokemon the Movie and One Piece.)


Scoring for this Music Video: 8.5/10 (Rating by Outlaw)

  • Overall Visuals 9/10
  • Special Effects 8/10
  • Transitions 9/10
  • Lyrics and Vocals 8/10
  • Story Telling and Energy  8/10
  • Choreography/Action 9/10
  • Timing and Pace 9/10

Artist:Namie Amuro
Album: Feel
Song: Heaven

 Namie Amuro Heaven Music Video Preview About Windigo

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