New Anime Releases for Summer 2013

Summer of 2013 has been a pleasant surprise as far as Anime Releases. Anime Arsenal will try to review as many of these as possible and as new episodes release each week and back track on any we missed. Here is just a small sample of what Anime you can watch to get your fix this summer: One of the best places to stream anime online is

New Anime Streaming Online for Summer 2013:

Arky3xT New Anime Releases for Summer 2013Valverave the Liberator: A pretty sweet anime if you are into mecha, has some elements familiar to Gundam and Eva fans.Beautiful visuals and music.This anime is very dark in some aspects but not with out its lighthearted moments. Fan’s Gundam Seed this one is probably for you!
Valverave involves a group of students who get caught in the middle of a struggle between to armies, when one of their own takes control of a secret weapon called Valverave to defend them and secure their freedom from both parties. Valverave comes with a terrible price, to pilot it once must “Resign as a human being”.






shingeki no kyojin New Anime Releases for Summer 2013Attack on Titan: Brutal wonderful violence and action girls galore as well as a hero you can’t help but root for as humanity struggles for its survival against the Titans that have overtaken earth. If you love survivor stories, steampunk and characters that are 99 Levels in badass then Attack on Titan is probably your anime of choice this summer. This anime has many twist and secrets in it, many of them are just as much a mystery to the characters as the viewers and we discover them together as layer by layer the veil is pulled back. We are ultimately left with new questions at the end of each episode as are the heroes of our story.







devil survivor 2 the animation New Anime Releases for Summer 2013Devil Survivor 2: If you enjoyed Future Diaries (Mirai Nikki), Death Note, Persona4 and/or Digimon, you will love this anime since it is all those things combined in the most epic way possible!








date a live New Anime Releases for Summer 2013Date A Live!: Shido’s world is under attack by Spirits, beautiful girls who materialize on earth and cause chaos and destruction. The only solution is for him to seal their powers by making out with them…
Yeah that’s right, we’re no kidding! This anime has many qualities similar to The World God Only Knows, in the sense that the main character has to seal “evil spirits” and this revolves around making girls fall for him and kissing them.
This anime is much deeper, darker and has infinitely more action and in our opinion a better storyline, more interesting characters, more fan service and better overall music animation. We think this will be one of the top anime’s of this year!



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