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New X-Men # 27 Review

The current All-New X-Men storyline offers readers their first glimpse of the future Brotherhood of Mutants from Battle of the Atom since that crossover ended.( X-Men: No More Humans TPB not withstanding) I can’t see reason as to why Marvel would continue to push the story line further considering how close to mediocre the aforementioned arc wrapped up. By and by, Brian Bendis seems to be putting the team to better use, as this issue provides some much needed exposition for two of the time-displaced characters while mult-tasking the duty of fleshing out the latest clash between the two teams.

The future Charles Xavier receives some depth this issue, as the readership finally gets to learn more regarding; his origin, his apparent parentage, and his connection to a member of the Brotherhood. The reveals hold brevity in some ways, and have the potential to tie a thread or two into, “Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier,” a storyline Bendis is preparing for Uncanny X-Men. This type of storytelling can only help nuance the Brotherhood further as we move deeper into the storyline.

This issue also serves as a great showcase for much of the younger cast too. Bendis continues to explore the dramatized dynamic between Jean, Cyclops, and Emma Frost. A special mention for Beast, as he enjoys a pretty cool moment. So does Triage with the vagueness of his powers meticulously defined just a bit more.

Immomen’s art rounds out the issue with a well balanced range of material represented. The birthing scene was particularly well thought out and paced with its paneling. So was the underground battle scene.

Anime Arsenal gives New X-Men #27 a 8/10
-Its fleshing out of the Brotherhood
-Subterranean Mayhem
-More Xavier

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