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    Winter Guide to Anime
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    We here at the Arsenal have finally come to that time of year when all the fall showings of anime have either ended or are close to ending. This wonderful transitional phase is of paramount importance as fans clamor to find an anime that will speak to them on some level. But with close to […]

  • 20140110-124525.jpg
    Ninja Scroll
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    Ninja Scroll Released in 1993 this anime classic features over the top fantasy action set in an Edo era Japan. it follows a series of unfortunate events that happen to an unsuspecting and wandering swordsman by the name of Kibagami Jubei, an homage to Japanese folk hero Yagyu Jubei. The events are mostly backdrop setting […]

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    The Sakura Effect
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    The Sakura Effect Fans of anime/manga should understand the Sakura Effect quite well. Sakura of Kishimoto fame pined after her teammate Sasuke from kakashi’s team 7 but the mighty sharingan avenger had no interest her. He was too busy worrying about justice for the uchiha clan. Meanwhile good ol naruto was completely infatuated with Sakura […]

  • Tokyo Game Show 2013
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    Tokyo Game Show 2013 I was very lucky and fortunate to be able to attend this past weekend the Tokyo Game Show 2013 or also known as just TGS. I felt just like a kid again imagine it was it was your first con event and your all excited and not knowing what to expect […]

  • valvrave-episode-12-review
    Valvrave Episode 12 Review
    Posted in: Reviews

    All manner of craziness happened in the season finale of Valvrave. If you have not seen episode 12 of Valvrave the Liberator, then this review of Valvrave episode 12 contains MASSIVE SPOILERS! You’ve been warned. Please watch Valvrave Episode 12 before reading more. As  I said earlier, all manner of craziness ensued in this episode. […]

  • yuno
    AMV Future Diaries Nightmare
    Posted in: Anime Music Videos

    This will probably be one of the only videos that receives a perfect 10 from me, ever, and it deserves it. Future Diaries is a personal favorite of mine, and so I was going to rate any video on it very harshly. Yet no matter how many times I watched this video I couldn’t really […]

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