Pocket Monsters of the Undead


I always thought the concept of Pokemon would’ve been better as something darker and mature. Seems like others around the world shared my opinion, and took the initiative to create an artistic representation of what Pokemon would look when shown through the lens of the macabre.

IMG 4303 1 Pocket Monsters of the Undead

Above and beneath are renditions of Pikachu & Weezing. At first glance they look as if they came straight out of Clive Barker’s mind. The Pikachu kind of has this weird hybrid of a Mogwai crossbred with a demon look to him. Meanwhile the Weezing has the appearance of two disembodied stuck with the expression of a terrifying rictus at the time of their unholy union.

IMG 4304 Pocket Monsters of the Undead

The uber talented digital artist responsible for these nightmarish visions is none other than JrCoffronii you can find more of his brilliant art by clicking on the link.

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