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    The Great Anime Binge of Spring Break 2015
    Posted in: Anime, News

    So it’s spring break for a lot of you. But its not all red cups and alcohol poisoning for me. I’ve got tons of anime to watch. So here are my top 7 picks for stuff… I have not seen.  Grab your bikini bottoms and let’s head straight to the tub to watch some anime […]

  • Anime Arsenal Magazine Launch!
    Posted in: Features, News

    Anime Arsenal online magazine will officially launch on February 12, 2010. We are looking for talented writers and illustrators to be part of the team, so anyone interested should definitely contact us and show us what you’ve got. We are looking for reviews on anime, new series to watch, anime music videos, reviews of anime music videos, fanart, fanfiction, web comics, game reviews, dvd release information and anything else you can think of!

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