The Crossover! (Why PSY?)


I happen to be a very big fan of J&K-pop (for those who didn’t already know). With that I never lost my love in my American music. As a result I always drempt of the day where Japanese or Korean music would get regular play on TV and radio here in the states. I always felt that one day J/K-pop would be the new Reggaeton (For a while there every artist had in in their songs). It seems that is happening but with a very unlikely character.

For anyone into the modern asian music scene I’m sure names like: Utada Hikaru, Koda Kumi, Amuro Namie, Ayumi Hamasaki, Big Bang, Lee Hyori, 2ne1, all could come to mind.

“So why PSY?” Is the question I want to tackle. I’d like to give a little background on my interest in this area as to set up for my dissapointment now.

I recall many days where me and a few friends would sit around, watch a few PVs, and talk about the combinations of Asian to American cababarations that would be awesome. Then one day there was news of Koda Kumi, and Fergie, being friends, and hung out often when one would visit the other. So a year in advance we predicted this:

This was a great day! Not the best of songs, but it gave use hope for the future. Soon American/Asian cameos were becoming something pretty regular.

Such grand days! Even soon JAPANESE and KOREAN artist in one song/video together!


This was all wonderful! Artist ranging from Omarion, to Busta Rhythms, were getting in on the action. Yet there was one thing missing. THEY WERE ONLY BEING AIRED IN THEIR RESPECTED COUNTRIES! This one thought plagued us as to the question “WHY?” Surely these were good songs, but why is it I couldn’t hear it on the radio, or MTV? Then one day I hear a song on the radio that those of us in the Anime/Convention world have heard many times. It was this:


I remember thinking isn’t this that goofy, comedian guy? However I was so happy hearing the song I told my friends about it. Then it was on Tv, and then it was being played in the CLUBS! I for the life of me could not figure out how that song over took the world. With over 2 BILLION views on youtube! Surely now J/K-pop would get radio play now that the world has had a taste. Clubs that we went to had no real interest in playing anything else beside PSY. That seem to have also went for radio and TV. There was one club that we could get to play a few songs from BOA, but that was from her english album. Everyone went back to their musical corners, but PSY. What is is about a joke character that seriously took the world by storm that others who were more “well knowned” couldn’t achieve?


Did he have the vocals of Utada. Did he have a long history of music like Lee Hyori, or Ayumi Hamasaki? Maybe the combine swag of Big Bang, and W-inds? None of those fit in my mind. Just then I remembered something else that caught on quickly in the world of music;


crank dat o 300x225 The Crossover! (Why PSY?)



3 things that PSY did:


Made a catchy tune (Pepole like catchy even if they don’t understand it).

Made it fun!

Incorporated an extremely simple dance! (People wouldn’t be on the dance floor until the chorus!) OH-PAH GANG-NAM STYLE! (Love that pronunciation!)


Now it seems my dream will come true with this announcement:



Here is to the hope that this at least causes a larger interest in the Asian music scene.





 The Crossover! (Why PSY?) About Windigo

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