The Sakura Effect


The Sakura Effect

Fans of anime/manga should understand the Sakura Effect quite well. Sakura of Kishimoto fame pined after her teammate Sasuke from kakashi’s team 7 but the mighty sharingan avenger had no interest her. He was too busy worrying about justice for the uchiha clan. Meanwhile good ol naruto was completely infatuated with Sakura from the moment he laid eyes on her, but was regulated to the limbo universe of the friend Zone where few chaps ever make it out intact.

I’m here to tell you that there is hope for those of you who are racking up death streaks in the negative booty zone. Just drop the situation and leave it alone. Focus on your endeavors and make yourself appealing to the other person. How, you may ask? What can a guy like me gain from dedicating my life to a cause? These are good questions that all have viable answers and yet they all lead down the same road. The answer is practice. Live by the practice. Only by supplicating yourself to a cause like Naruto did, will you bring about the minor effect of having babes around. The fact of the matter is that truly, the gals are merely an after effect. What matters the most is doing what makes you happy. Naruto practiced martial arts and through his dedication, gained numerous accolades. The story is archetypical but effective in conveying one of its many many meanings.

So my friends, the friend zone is very much real and felt by many of us throughout different periods of our lives. The main thing to gather from this is to be amicable. Be respectful of the babe. If it doesn’t pan out don’t be spiteful, but if the need arises refocus that energy towards what you love, whether its martial arts like Naruto, that love is interchangeable. Arsenal out.

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20140110 140526 The Sakura Effect

 The Sakura Effect About Will Colon

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