Tokyo Game Show 2013

Tokyo Game Show 2013

I was very lucky and fortunate to be able to attend this past weekend the Tokyo Game Show 2013 or also known as just TGS. I felt just like a kid again imagine it was it was your first con event and your all excited and not knowing what to expect and experience but you just simply can’t wait or a better way of putting it imagine its christmas day and you finally get to open your presents well folks that was me when I went to TGS.
Lucky I had an advance ticket so I didn’t have to wait in the long lines and once upon entering i was simply just overwhelm the magnitude of it all. So many events going on and displays, video game testing and game play and lets not forget the cosplay! The average wait just to play games for example Battelfield 4, Titanfall, Blazeblue, Final Fantasy XIII Lightning return and many more was at least an hour plus long so sorry to say I was not able to try out any games except for the new Dead or Alive game which since I suck at fighting games the computer beat me in less then 2 minutes.
Madcat was hosting a streetfighter tournament and advertising its products and lucky for me I was able to meet the lovely Vampy Bite me, she is a very sweet person by the way taking time out for a few pics for League of Hot Geeks and Anime Arsenal who have both ask me to attend this awesome event….not like they had to twist my arm for me wanting to go. But Madcat was not the only one advertising its products there was many more including indi games companys and foreign countries as well such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and more. AMD showing off its new Radeon graphic card and how beautiful your game play can be. On some other interesting news a new fighting game called Fighting CliamX which as some of your favorite light novel/anime characters from for example Sword Art Online, Shakaganna no Shana, Accel World and many more but we won’t know more until much later this year they announce. Did I forget to mention there was a booth for free monster drinks, yes that right FREE monster drinks so you can keep going and play games. New One Piece fighting game and battle between all Shonen Jump charaters, a interesting Gundam tactic game also a new fighting game as well. It only took me 4 hours just to explore all 9 halls which by the way this place is huge. At the end of the first day I miss my chance to attend the international cosplay show that night due to miss information but I did come back the next day for the regular cosplay exhibition.
The second day which was the day I spent at least 3 hours that day just looking at all the different cosplay that I could not even begin to be able to describe to you, lucky I took lots of pics but they still would not cover all of the wonderful cosplay that was at this event.
Well I can’t really tell you much for maybe what you all have already read online about the event only that if you ever get the chance to go…GO DAMN IT it is a event of a life time and you will be glade you went. I hope all this pics I post with this article can give you a better idea of how amazing TGS is and how I can’t wait for next year!

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