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Valvrave the Liberator Episode 11 was a return to business as usual. It probably won’t surprise fans of Gundam to know that TM Revolution is the miracle behind the soundtrack for Valvrave the Liberator.

Valvrave Episode 11 finally takes us back to things that make this series fun to watch. We got an epic battle scene with all 4 current Valvrave’s. We got some character development and got to understand Rukino’s feelings a little better as well (as did Haruto). While they didn’t answer some questions about the “rape scene” in the previous episode, they did acknowledge it, or rather they would have if Rukino intended to allow Haruto to apologize. She refuses to accept it as anything but the fulfillment of a wish she had, which should be interesting for the future plot.

In this episode Module 77 is heading for the Moon, which is neutral territory. Everyone is looking back to a return to a normal life and end to the warfare they’ve been caught up in, but nothing is ever that easy. The Dorssians have set a trap to intercept them and also have Shoko’s father the former Prime Minister of JIOR as a hostage.

Shoko finally gets Akira to come out of her shell a bit, but this results in Akiri having a nervous break down due to some past trauma she experienced, which is only alluded to and not really explored, but will likely play a role in future plot development.

Meanwhile Haruto is trying to apologize to Rukion, who has secretly decided that she will not allow him to apologize, and instead gets him to spend the day with her on a “date” and conveys some of her feelings of loneliness to her. This prompts Haruto to feel he must take responsibility for his actions and that he shouldn’t reject her feelings, this is compounded by the fact he doesn’t feel he has a right to be with Shoko. (And by the end the episode he will have another reason to feel that way).

During the attack by the Dorssians L Elf leaves a “script” of the events of the battle in the hands of the Student Body President, to dictate the battle in his absence. Everything goes according to plan for the most part. He accompanies Shoko to the Prime Minister’s residence to negotiate with the enemy Dorssians. Apparently L Elf’s ability regarding prophecy is very proficient but some people have the ability to thwart his farsight, Shoko being one of them.

Since he doesn’t know what her decision will be when confronted with the option of surrendering or allowing them to execute her father in front of her, L Elf secretly hold a gun on her the entire time, ready to stop her if she makes the wrong choice. She remains indecisive despite her father’s wishes until the Haruto unknowingly takes the choice out of her hands by destroying the entire Dorssian fleet and killing her father in the process (having promised to save him an everyone else last episode, this will be a problem…)  and ending negotiations.

valvrave Valvrave Episode 11 Review


However the victory is short lived since L Elf’s script failed to predict a sneak attack as the Dorssians drill into the module and board with a strike team to avoid dealing with the Valvraves. Haruto returns to Module 77 intending to fight them directly with his own immortal body. Before leaving he ask Rukino is he will marry him!

marriage Valvrave Episode 11 Review

Someone is Excited About the Wedding!

Episode 11 of Valvare gets a 10/10 for giving me all the things I love about this series and very little that I dislike. I got to see the Harakiri Blade attack again, all 4 Valvrave’s, L Elf being a badass Heero Yuy clone and some great emotional conflict, and more RukinoxHaruto.

Things I liked about this episode of Varave the Liberator:

  • We saw more character development for Rukino.
  • We saw Shoko reduced to tears again. Delicious.
  • We saw how badass a prophet L Elf is and what his limits may be.
  • We saw all 4 Valvrave’s in battle again.
  • We saw the Hakagiri blade attack again after a while.

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