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Wing Zero vs Gundam 00

There was a huge argument in the office today about who would win in a fight between Gundam characters: Setsuna’s OO & Heero’s Wing Zero. So we decided to do a dream match, one that would analyze the two combatants skills as pilots plus the Gundams they use. This is a death match between two characters and their respective machines. The location is an asteroid field and neither of the two have prior knowledge of one another.

-X-Setsuna’s OO Raiser-X-

OO-Raiser is considered an exceptionally skillful close range type with decent mid range, zoning, and minimal long range capabilities. Its various assortment of beam sabers/collapsible staffs/rifles/shields make it a competent all around Gundam with an answer for just about every type of situation. It’s greatest merit is the trans am system which gives OO a significant increase in an already highly mobile, hasty and agile unit.

20140507 230846 Wing Zero vs 00 Raiser

Weapons of Note:

GN Beam Machine Gun
A set of beam weapons mounted on 0 Raiser’s Binders. Its firing rate is higher than a beam rifle, but weaker. These can also be used as powerful beam rifles.

GN Beam Saber

00 Raiser is shown to carry two GN Beam Sabers, stored on recharge racks in the rear waist. Unlike the beam sabers used by the 3rd Generation Gundams, their blade length can be altered as needed to function as either a beam saber or beam dagger.

GN Micro Missile
A version of the GN Missile but shrunk to fit inside the 0-Raiser’s main body, however it can still by used in the 00 Raiser configuration.

GN Shield
00 Raiser can carry a GN Shield made of E-Carbon. An improved version of the GN Shield carried by Exia, it can be stored as two separate pieces either near the GN Drives or on the wings of the 0 Raiser.

20140507 231300 Wing Zero vs 00 Raiser

20140507 231358 Wing Zero vs 00 Raiser

GN Sword II
An improved model of Gundam Exia’s main weapon. Unlike Exia’s GN Sword, 00 Raiser’s weapon is more conventional in shape. Sword Mode sees the weapons used like conventional broadswords, with a tap connecting the weapons to 00 Raiser’s GN Condenser Network. It also possesses a Beam Saber Mode, in which the blade is in rifle mode position and emits a beam saber from both barrels to form a larger-than-average beam saber with the ability to cut through large size asteroids with much ease. Alternatively, the two swords can be connected pommel to pommel to form a double blade-staff. When switched to Rifle Mode, the blade pivots from the hilt and rotates on its long axis, revealing a targeting sensor. The Rifle Mode can be used in either rapid fire mode to destroy enemies’ mobile suits in a single shot, or be charged to deliver a single, high-powered blast(moon crescent shape) for much larger targets, capable of destroying a Baikal Class battlecruiser with a single such shot.[5] It is also capable of performing Spray-and-Pray tactics by shooting beams in a wider and streamer fashion.

GN Sword III
The direct descendant of Exia’s GN Sword in appearance. Unlike the GN Sword, or the GN Sword Kai, the GN Sword III does not have a “storage configuration”. However, the switch from rifle to sword mode is much faster and smoother than before. Both modes benefit from the increased power of the Twin Drive, and the blade’s green edge is derived from the same material that makes up GN Condensers. First tested on the GN Katars of the 00 Seven Sword, this material enhances the power of the sword by converting large amounts of GN Particles into heat intense enough to melt most armors on contact. While having this feature, GN Sword III also has the ability to generate a beam saber, covering the whole blade of the sword. The GN Sword III’s Raiser Sword was first seen when used to destroy all 3 Baikal Class battlecruiser at once. The GN Sword III has 2 modes: Rifle Mode (in which the sword is folded and a rifle extends from the front), a single uncharged shot is more than enough to destroy a Baikal Class battlecruiser, and Sword Mode (which has the sword fully extended and with another rifle mounted above the blade). While Raiser Sword requires both GN Sword II units present in order to be used, the GN Sword III can initiate it with just one.[6]

GN Vulcan
Same weapon as used by Exia. Mounted between 0-Raiser’s main body and the wings, used to shoot down missiles, range is long but power is weak. When used against an solar furnace equipped suit, it’s mainly for distracting. After combined with 00, the attack direction is fixed to downward.

(Setsuna F Seie)

Setsuna is a skilled hand to hand combatant.Setsuna is skilled in many ways of war and fighting. Trained by Ali al-Saachez at a young age, Setsuna already knew how to work with a wide range of firearms, close-quarter-combat, use of explosives, infiltration, and other areas of guerrilla warfare by the age of 10. As CB’s Gundam Meister, he uses his former combat training in his KPSA days to reflect Exia’s combat style. He’s been trained by CB to know some MS technical skills to maintain and repair his Gundam.

His 4 year hiatus (AD 2312 – Season 2) with Celestial Being didn’t dull his MS piloting skills at all, his MS combat capabilities were refined as his MS CQC skills and aiming showed great improvement. Due to the power of 00 Gundam’s concentrated GN particles with Trans-Am Raiser, Setsuna’s brain has been gradually enhanced to utilize quantum brainwaves. He’s able to sense quantum brainwaves (QBWs) near him and track users of QBWs. Eventually, he naturally evolves into humanity’s first true/genuine Innovator.

Setsuna’s Innovator capabilities aren’t completely defined as he’s the first naturally evolved Innovator. It has yet to be revealed if he can communicate with Veda or Celestial Being technology like the Innovades can. He can anticipate movements and actions of his opponents and sense impending danger from far distances. As an Innovator, he has heightened reflexes, a longer lifespan than normal humans, and can communicate his thoughts via quantum brainwaves.

After Setsuna joined the ELS, his body is not entirely human. The ELS reformed his body based on their bio-technology, forever retaining his youthful appearance with a metallic shine. It can be inferred that Setsuna became a hybrid of an Innovator and an ELS.

In theory, a Genuine Innovator has the ability to sense other users of quantum brainwaves; possesses telepathic abilities that allow him or her to sense the thoughts feelings of neighboring people, enhanced reflexes, a danger sense precognition, ( similar to a spider sense) precognition, and the capability to utilize the special propeties of high grade GN particles to communicate emotions/feelings out towards other people. They are also said to be able to live twice as long as a normal human. The estimated scope and depth of a True Innovator’s abilities aren’t fully defined due to the limited explanations offered, with much of their abilities only defined by speculation and or observation. Based off narration revealed in OO movie the Innovators possess the capability to use quantum brainwaves to communicate with each other + machine interfaces designed to do so. in addition they possess increased spatial awareness, the ability to use any available information to analyze with a high level of accuracy and subsequently enough they can predict what will happen.

-Heero’s Wing Zero-

20140507 231027 Wing Zero vs 00 Raiserm
Is a ranged fighter who specializes in laying down extreme amounts of firepower at medium to long range.

The Zero System was developed to be an interactive interface between a human pilot and a Mobile Suit. The system computes the results of possible courses of action, and the pilot considers these and mentally feeds directions back to the system. What this means is that the pilot knows the result of his actions before he performs them. It basically
works in conjunction with the pilot to predict the tactics of an opponent just before they make the move. The concept is based off the sniper’s term Kentucky Windage which is the practice of applying a horizontal adjustment of the point of aim for wind (windage) without the use of any physical or mechanical adjustments on the weapon. The use of this technique within the wing zero system, however can prove to be detrimental to the user and in worst cases fatal.

The system is programmed to think tactically, so that the options that it feeds the pilot might include civilian death or unnecessary destruction. It is up to the pilot to guide the system and lend it a conscience, so the relationship becomes a balance of emotion and logic.

Another advantage of Zero System is its ability to offer physical stimulus back to the pilot, allowing him to feel the strain that the MS is undergoing. This causes great physical and emotional stress on the pilot, but allows the MS to become an extension of the pilot’s thoughts and movements.

20140507 230846 Wing Zero vs 00 Raiser

Due to the extreme mental strain on its users, Zero System could never be used on a wide scale. It can literally tear a users mind apart if they are not strong willed.

Only the cockpits of Gundams Wing Zero and Epyon were fitted with a built in version of the Zero System, but a modified version of Epyon’s Zero System was adapted by Zechs for use as the centralized system of Libra’s MD fleet, and Gundam Sandrock Custom was fitted with a form of Wing Zero’s software during episode 44.

Notable weapons:

Twin Buster Rifle
Wing Zero’s primary armament is its twin buster rifle, a weapon capable of destroying objects several miles in size, including an entire space colony. When separated into two individual buster rifles, they could destroy entire waves of targets. The rifle could also be attached to the suit’s shield. It possesses power several times greater than that of the Wing Gundam’s buster rifle, which already had a formidable power output.[2] Unlike the Wing Gundam’s Buster Rifle however, the Twin Buster Rifle was powered by the Mobile suit carrying it, rather than expendable energy packs. The Wing Zero Custom’s twin buster rifle is longer and features a more elaborate design, though functionally behaves the same way.

Beam Saber
On the TV version and Proto Zero, the beam sabers are stored within the shoulder armor for quick access. In the Endless Waltz version they are placed within the pylons that connect the two smaller wings to the back. They possess enough power to compete with the Gundam Epyon’s powerful beam sword, and can easily melt through even the toughest Gundanium Alloy. They are also capable of operating underwater much like the beam scythe of the Gundams Deathscythe and Deathscythe Hell.[3]

Machine Cannon
A pair of small 4-barrel gatling guns housed on the clavicle section of Wing Zero. Primarily used when the twin buster rifle is either unavailable or unsuitable for the mission. Essentially, the machine cannons are larger versions of vulcan guns. Because of their larger caliber, machine cannons can deal respectable damage (even to destroy a Titanium Alloy-armored MS) and therefore see more use than vulcans.[4] Unlike the other Gundams, the Wing Zero’s Machine Cannons are covered when not in use.

Wing Vulcan
Mounted in the Wing Shield, they are used in Neo-Bird Mode.[5] This weapon is identified only in the Gundam Wing MS Encyclopedia. It is omitted from the Endless Waltz version because it is part of the Wing Shield.

Wing Shield
Features an anti-beam coating, and its tip can extend to puncture enemy MS armor similar to a real life piledriver. It possesses an aerodynamic shape to reduce air resistance in Neo-Bird Mode.[6] This equipment is omitted from the Endless Waltz version.

-Heero Yuy-

Heero’s education was a tough training of self-discipline, extreme body control and ability to reason. This was only possible by Doctor J manipulating his genes. He’s perfect in close combat, computer hacking and mobile suit piloting. There’s almost no battle situation he doesn’t emerge as the victor. Additionally he’s supported by the ZERO System, which amplifies his consciousness.

~The Fight~

Based off the variables for both
pilots and their mobile suits, we here at Arsenal have come to the educated conclusion that Setsuna would win 7 out of the 10 match ups with Heero. Setsuna has one major quality that makes him particularly deadly against Heero. Aside from the natural speed and agility of his Mobile Suit, Setsuna F. Seie’s Gundam is a machine that excels tremendously in close quarter melee combat. Heero Yuy’s Wing Zero while having excellent output for damage is primarily a medium to long range fighter. The Zero system is a reliable source of strength for Wing Zero, however its negated by Setsuna’s innovator abilities. Thus, they are on par with one another. The fact of the matter is that OO-Raiser overall is a superior machine to the likes of Wing Zero even without the trans-am and quantimization abilities. With the Trans-Am, Raiser gains a significant increase to his power and speed.

20140507 231454 Wing Zero vs 00 Raiser

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