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20140112 173059 Winter Guide to Anime

We here at the Arsenal have finally come to that time of year when all the fall showings of anime have either ended or are close to ending. This wonderful transitional phase is of paramount importance as fans clamor to find an anime that will speak to them on some level. But with close to 50 new anime in the pipeline, how do you know which slice of life, ecchi, harem, sci-fi, fantasy, martial arts comedy will you know to watch??? Here are some of the most anticipated shows of the winter. Check out the trailers and leave your comments below. P.S. I can’t even lie though, that Space Dandy looks supremely awesome.

Space Dandy
From the makers of Cowboy Bebop & Samurai Champloo. It’s about a dude in space who may or may not be a dandy.

Its a stylish sci-fi mystery about a pair of mutant powered investigators sleuthing on the deaths of mutants

The Pilot’s Love Song (Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta)
It’s an adventure/drama about a prince who goes on a quest for revenge.

A horror fantasy about a boy searching for a cure to his sister’s disease. The disease.

It’s an action fantasy about a samurai sword wielding god who is struggling to gain followers. The God scrawls his name on a bathroom wall claiming to help people for a mere five yen offering.

Nobunaga The Foolz
It’s a sci fi/mecha story about two friends who travel from the western planet to the eastern. The events begin an adventure that will change the fate of both worlds.

Buddy Complex
A Mecha sci-fi series about a boy who wants to become a pilot after being saved by a classmate in a giant robot.

An action sci fi anime about a high school girl who discovers that she can wield a musical weapon imbued with the soul of the legendary Nobunaga.

Wizard Barristers
A fantasy action anime about a world of magic in which a young woman becomes a defense attorney for wizards

Magical Warfare ( Mahou Sensou )
It’s an action fantasy about a guy who
comes across a girl who turns him into a magician.

Z/X Ignition
It’s a action sci fi based on a card game with creatures invading earth from other worlds.

Maken-ki! Two
It’s the second season of an ecchi anime with some action about a dude at a school with lots of boobs… those boobs fight with magic powers.

World Conquest: ZVezda
An action comedy about a girl and her group of minions trying to take per the world

Double Circle
It’s a sci fi superhero anime about 4 heroes who personify certain element types to protect Kawasaki city.

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